Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

One of the latest trends in a home garden is the Square Foot Garden.  According to the information online, this type of garden can end world hunger, feed your entire family of 4 for a year for almost no money and be the simplest garden ever to maintain!  How could anyone possibly want to do any other type of gardening?

For many people, Square Foot gardening is a great choice.  It gives them a compact area to focus on and it visually looks like a huge variety of yummy vegetables will be appearing for the family table.  Following the “soil” recommendations, there are almost no weeds and the water drainage is pretty good.  The plants are not over crowed and therefore the garden is extremely well organized, which appeals to one’s sense of tidiness.


Nature is not tidy!

There are many aspects of Square Foot Gardening that appeal to the Home Gardener and if you want to give it a try, you should.  There are disadvantages to the system and you may find that using some of the concepts will be of use in a Better Home Garden, but not all of them.  Please look for two additional posts that will explore the positive and negatives of the system.

Square Foot Gardening as a current concept is the brain child and marketing push for Mel Bartholomew, a retired Civil engineer.  Mr. Bartholomew has brought all of his skills as an engineer to the concept of a home garden and the results are very well engineered.  Mel’s Mix is the recommended filler for the raised bed gardens and he has written several books on the subject, which are available through Amazon.com.

If you are looking for an easy to maintain, visually ordered garden and don’t mind spending a couple of hundred bucks on 40 square feet of garden every year, Square Foot Gardening might be perfect for you!

You’ll notice that I have not put any pictures of a Square Foot Garden up.  This is because I don’t do Square Foot Gardening and I don’t recommend Square Foot Gardening for a Better Home Garden.  I DO recommend some of the elements, as they are time tested and have been used by Home Gardeners for generations.  These elements are used in my garden and are discussed in posts on Your Better Home Garden.



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